Workout at home in Dubai with a Personal Trainer from Fitlov

Find the trainer that best fits your needs and goals and train wherever you want: even from the comfort of your home with an online training session.

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Give it a try! In person or live streaming, first session is on us. 


Book a personal trainer at home

Whilst we are offering training sessions with our fitness professionals outdoors, we respect that not everyone will feel comfortable doing so. Instead, by downloading Fitlov, you can have your personal trainer at home with you or take part in online classes.

Get Access To Private Home Training Sessions

Fitlov will provide you with one of our fantastic fitness professionals who will, in turn, provide you with a fully equipped workout and training session geared towards your preferences, all within the comfort and security of your own home.

Fitlov And Our Trainers Are Committed To Keeping You Healthy

Every one of our Fitlov trainers is equipped to deliver a complete, engaging session that you can follow from the comfort of your home. Live stream your fitness classes and keep track of your progress with your personal trainer.

Workout Remotely And Keep Your Distance 

If you are unable or unsure about having a training session at home with one of our professionals then fear not. You can still keep in touch with your Fitlov personal trainer at home via the App, follow your own home fitness plan they will create for you and tune in for sessions online via video link.

How To Get Started

         Our goal is to always let you be in charge. We are open and easily accessible to all our clients. Download the app, set your fitness goals, and we’ll give you the best trainer to help you achieve them.


  • Download the app and then discuss your fitness goals and workout preferences with one of our best home fitness experts.
  • We give you the power of choice over whom you want to coach and train you. You won’t start to work out until you find a coach you’re happy to train with.
  • Once you’re signed up get a free fitness call and nutritional plan. It’s our way of saying welcome!


  • Train in your own home and at your own pace. Enjoy working with a professional who is there to work at your pace and your level.
  • Train as hard as you want, when you want. Change the time or day of your session with the touch of a button.
  • Your fitness coach is there to push you but you’re in control. Swap your trainer at any time if it suits you.


  • Commitment is the only guarantee of progress. You set the end goal, but achieving it is up to you!
  • Enjoy a professional and educational relationship with your personal fitness coach. Receive regular feedback and reports about your progress after each session.
  • Become fitter and healthier then you were without ever having to set foot out your front door.

Train harder than you ever have in the gym at home with your personalised home fitness plan!


FITLOV Offers Multiple Packages Designed Around Your Level

All our packages include:

A starter pack for those who want to stay fit and workout once a week.

The active pack for those who are serious about their training and are looking for 2 to 3 sessions a week.

A full transformation pack with 4 to 5 sessions a week.

All packs cover the main fitness disciplines including weightlifting, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, dancing, boxing, HIIT and more within our pool of qualified trainers.


AED 250 / Session

1 Session / Week

Take a break your routine or learn a new sport, Perfect package if you have a very busy travel schedule.


AED 220 / Session

2 Sessions / Week

Take your training to the next level and push yourself to a new limit. Learn new fitness technique that fits right into your fluid schedule.


AED 190 / Session

4 Sessions / Week

Achieve a radical and body transformation and build a strong fitness foundation with our transformational package.


All our trainers are handpicked for you to be:

Certified and Experienced

Friendly and Professional

Committed to Your Goal

Speak your Language

As a personal trainer, Karim specialises in cardio and functional training, as well as both strength and bodybuilding. His sessions are great at giving you the chance to bulk up and improve on your overall fitness in your one-to-one sessions, even if they’re taking place at home. 
Abooyeah will push you during your training sessions even if he isn’t in the room with you. Combining strength and bodybuilding coaching with a focus on both functional, and cardio training, Abooyeah’s sessions are geared towards gains. If you’re looking to push the tempo of your workout program from inside your home, then Abooyeah is the trainer for you.
If you’re looking for a female fitness trainer at home, then Zaiena is hard to beat. Offering a diverse selection of workouts thanks to her coaching skills in functional high-intensity interval training (HIIT), KO8 training and plyometrics, along with body boot camp as well, Zaiena leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness sessions.

Fitlov: Your best home fitness plan.

Fitlov is committed to expanding the world of personal fitness by reaching its clients within their own homes.
The Fitlov app and program is not just an opportunity to either get fit or keep exercising. It’s a chance to become fitter, stronger, and healthier then you were before. There are always those with less time for fitness than others, and with less room for them to achieve their body and health goals, but with Fitlov they now can. From the comfort and safety of their own home.
Fitlov provides its users with the best stay at home fitness plan they will ever have, and access to the very best stay-at-home fitness plan, and options to include your personal trainer at home as part of your fitness program, whether it be physically or remotely.
Fitlov, here to help you grow from home.

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