Freeze and Cancellation Policy

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Session Time / Location

To change the timing or location of one session, you can directly agree with your trainer

Pause your Subscription for One Week

If you need to pause your subscription for one week (for travel or other reasons), you can click on “Freeze my Subscription”. Your plan’s expiry date will be extended by one calendar week from the moment you click and you will be charged AED 100.

Cancel your Subscription

If you need to cancel your subscription, you can click on “Cancel my Subscription”. The payment balance will be refunded to your credit card, except for a fee defined in the next column:

  • It should be equal to the Fitlov commission (so the
    customer has less incentive to cancel and workout with
    the trainer outside Fitlov).
  • We could reconsider the above penalties on
    a case-by-case basis, under exceptional circumstances,
    at our complete discretion.
  • If you are cancelling because you had an issue with our
    trainers or our customer service, please request
    a call-back and we will do everything we can to satisfy
    your needs.

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