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Train with Fitlov and have access to the largest network of trainers in Dubai. Tone-up and weight-loss fitness programs, yoga, pilates and boxing, Fitlov finds the right trainer for your goals and lifestyle.

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Goal Oriented

Benefit from workouts tailored to your individual goals by your private fitness trainer. Keep track of results through regular checkups.

Personalized Training

Work out exclusively with an elite personal trainers in Dubai let’s start off with a free consultation!


Our home personal trainer can adapt to your fitness needs and provide trainings at a location of your choosing, whether it is on your gym or in the comforts of your home.


Change your training schedule at your convenience and preferred timings, Freeze and reactivate your membership whenever you like.


              As a premier fitness facility, our aim is to make our programs accessible to clients, whether they are looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle or a long-time fitness enthusiast.


  • Discuss your goals with one of our best fitness trainers, and tell us your preferred workout location and timing.
  • We will recommend a personal trainer in Dubai that matches your requirements. We can provide you other personal training options, until you approve
  • Receive a complimentary fitness call and nutrition plan.


  • Enjoy a workout routine and customized exclusively for your proficiency levels and goals
  • Benefit from extreme flexibility in location, timing and your choice of fitness trainer.


  • Stay committed to your workout and nutrition plan.
  • Receive regular updates for your next workout details.
  • Achieve your goal in 3 months with regular monitoring!

Our top certified trainer will come to you, wherever and whenever you want!


Our holistic programs will enable you to make a positive body transformation and transition to a healthier lifestyle in a few week!

All our packages include:

Change your trainer for free

Track your progress against your goal

Freeze or cancel your subscription anytime

Complementary personalized nutrition plan


AED 250 / Session

1 Session / Week

Take a break your routine or learn a new sport, Perfect package if you have a very busy travel schedule.


AED 220 / Session

2 Sessions / Week

Take your training to the next level and push yourself to a new limit. Learn new fitness technique that fits right into your fluid schedule.


AED 200 / Session

4 Sessions / Week

Achieve a radical and body transformation and build a strong fitness foundation with our transformational package.


All our trainers are handpicked for you to be:

Certified and Experienced

Friendly and Professional

Committed to Your Goal

Speak your Language

Circuit / Bootcamp, Functional training, Cardio training, Strength / Body building
Circuit / Bootcamp, Functional training, Cardio training, Strength / Body building
Circuit / Bootcamp, Functional Hiit, KO8, Plyo, Swimming

The First Goal-Driven Fitness Platform

At FitLov, we are focused on becoming the go-to destination for people interested in body transformations through convenient and flexible personal fitness training in Dubai. Be it a body transformation, or your love to learn a new routine, our team of highly skilled and qualified male and female personal trainers in Dubai is here to help you achieve your goals. FitLov is all about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide the best personal training services through our certified and trained private fitness instructors, who tailor workout routines as per the needs of our clients and set milestones to compare results. We also encourage healthy living and offer an easy to use mobile app for our clients to amend their goals and track their progress. So no matter what you want, be it working out at the gym for a complete transformation or exercising under the guidance of a top-notch personal trainer at home in Dubai, the team at FitLov is here to help you achieve all your fitness goals!

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